Office of the Permanent Secretary Functions Office of the Permanent Secretary Functions

Mrs. Emma Kantema-Gaomas was appointed as Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service with effect from 1 September 2017, in terms of Section 5 (1) read in Conjunction with Sections 19 (a) and 20 of the Public Service Act, 1995 (Act 13 of 1995).


  • To ensure that the administrative machinery of the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service are geared towards improving public service delivery by nurturing a culture of efficiency and accountability.
  • To ensure that Public Service Reform Initiative (PSRI) is achieved through the full implementation of the Performance Management System (PMS) whereby staff members will be required to sign annual Performance Agreements (PAs).
  • To assist and advise the Honourable Minister and Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service in implementing programmer aimed at youth development, sport infrastructure, skills development and the improvement of the National Youth Service programmes.
  • In consultations with the Minister, Deputy Minister, Secretary to Cabinet and relevant key stakeholders, devise strategies through the strategic planning process for implementation through the PMS towards fulfilling the mandate of the Ministry.


  • Advise the Minister on policy and keeping him/her briefed on all major issues affecting the work of the Ministry and directly answerable to the Minister;
  • Initiate policy for consideration by the Minister and oversee policy implementation and review;
  • Drafts Cabinet memoranda for the Minister;
  • Prepare answers to questions raised by members of the National Assembly during question time for use by the Minister;
  • Assess feasibility of programmes and prepare budget proposals of the Minister;
  • Ensures that all disbursements are made within budgetary allocations as they are answerable to the Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly;
  • Provides organisation and leadership, maintain full control of the day-to-day activities of the Ministry;
  • Delineating clearly the authority and responsibilities of subordinates;
  • Maintains regular contact with the various heads of department, serving as liaison with other offices and ministries;
  • Exercise disciplinary authority over subordinates directly accountable to them;
  • Communicates government priorities and Cabinet’s directives to the office or Ministry staff.

Office of the Permanent Secretary Office of the Permanent Secretary

Mrs. Emma Kantema-Gaomas
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Services

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